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Facebook offers privacy reminders with blue dino

Facebook takes your oversharing to heart and they’ve dispatched a little friend to keep an eye on you. As Mashable reported on April 1, a little blue dino will pop up on your screen and politely remind you to double-check your security settings.

The blue dino will only appear to those who have their privacy setttings set to 'public'
Screen grab of Facebook

The cute little dino’s reminder is called a “privacy check-up” by HNGN and will only appear to those who still have their posting settings set to public.

If your settings are anything but public, you won’t be greeted by the message, which seems a little unfair. Shouldn't we be rewarded with cute, extinct animals for being responsible?

It isn’t entirely clear why Facebook, a platform that has been completely without a mascot so far, decided to go with a blue, cartoon-y dinosaur to deliver the important privacy message, but perhaps they’re hoping an animal will help bring the message home for people who have missed all other notifications about privacy.

Though there have been some privacy changes in the recent past, none have happened this week that would prompt the alert.

It seems that an alert of this kind may only aid the occasional user who hasn’t already seen all the other alerts. Will it stop frequent uses who have already blown off all other warnings from parents, Facebook and news reports about the danger of sharing information publicly? Not likely.

The overall effect of the dino is nice, but its not really going to change much.

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