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Facebook: No swearing campaign

No Swearing Campaign
No Swearing Campaign
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A new meme is spreading like wild fire on Facebook today. The meme is posing as a message from Mark Zuckerberg stating that anyone caught swearing will have their account suspended. The meme states, “As of March/2014 we at facebook will be launching a “No Swearing” campain, Anyone caught using profanity will have their account locked into further a pending investigation.

This is due to the new laws issued by our legal department (section 182 p34b) as new advertisers have petitioned for a “cleaner” family friendly social network.

If a user continues to use profanity the account will be shut down and a permanent ban will be placed into effect immediately. –Mark Zuckerberg” (Spelling and grammatical errors left in to reflect the actual meme.)

According to Snopes this is false. The message reportedly issued by Mark Zuckerberg claims it will be put in place on March 20, 2014. The message is just a hoax. No information as to the origins of the meme. Facebook users have access to profanity filters on their accounts. Your account can be modified to block certain words that are considered offensive.

If Facebook were to launch such an initiative they would check their spelling and grammar. Additionally Facebook would be listed with a capital F not a lower case f. You can read more about Facebook’s policy in their Community Standards and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities on your account.