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Facebook newest feature trending

Wendy Spickerman

At this point not all user are able to use trending however we are lucky enough to share this newest feature Facebook is trying out.

You'll find this new feature in the top right corner of your homepage. That's the page with the news feed reading down the middle of the column. In general terms trending will tell us 'what's hot' what everyone is sharing and talking about.

Example: The screen shot we've shared shows

  • American Idol
  • Russell Johnson
  • Kate Gosselin

Once you click on one of the trending topic, that topic will pop up in a news feed of any discussion about that topic whether it's a photo shared, article or video.

'American Idol' was the one we chose to investigate. A new screen appeared with everything American Idol posting in the news feed area.

Suggested topic in the trending area will be best of users own interests. I've been playing around with it myself any found though it's an interesting new addition to Facebook the topics listed for me were not at all those of my interests. Facebook will need to work out such glitches if they want members to approve this new addition.

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