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Facebook moms

Receiving a medal
Photo by Ralph Freso

In order to keep with the theme of "Too much Information", this article will be short and to the point. It appears that moms have taken over Facebook. The initial reason or excuse for joining may have been to monitor your chid's activities and posts. Since that time, you must know your child likely doesn't use Facebook. The kids have moved on to bigger and better things, but the moms have not. Many moms still find it necessary to post their every thought, boast at every cost, and "Creep" at all times. When posting an article or two on occasion to my own Facebook account, there is never an overwhelming desire to do any of the above mentioned. Despite the occasional laugh of someone being overwhelmed with laundry or funny anecdote, the one thing that stands out the most is the boasting.

It is interesting that every child from across this great country apparently has accomplished the following:

1. Never EVER received a B on a report card. All are brilliant and first in their class. Full ride to Princeton.

2. Has broken every school record for track and field, home runs, goals scored and touchdown passes. Being recruited from Middle School to D1 programs all over the country.

3. Is by far, the tallest in their class... and just grew another 6 inches. They wash the outside of 2nd floor windows without a ladder.

4. Won every dance competition and has been booked for a gig in Vegas starting next September at Bellagio.

5. Sang a song in the shower, coughed, sneezed or graduated from elementary school. Evidently, moving on to 6th grade from 5th is no longer expected... but a spectacular, extraordinary accomplishment.

Get my point? Look, we all love our children and proud of their unique personalities, talents and abilities. Call up grandma, get on the phone with your sister, or your best friends and talk all you want. That is normal and expected. However, in the spirit of what was once known as humility... enough is enough.

We wonder why our young expect trophies for every game or can't cope when they are grown. They feel we should applaud when they walk into a room. Perhaps when we treat them like Rock Stars as opposed to the "Work-in-Progress" that they all really are... we bring it on ourselves.

Congratulations to all the parents who have avoided keeping up with the Jones'. Also congratulations to all the kids who really are doing wonderful things in their own humble manner. We really do have a lot of talent and intelligence in our youth... let's also encourage humility and class.

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