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Facebook Messenger: New app required to access messages on smartphone

Facebook users will soon be unable to access their private Facebook messages through their Facebook apps on iPhone and Android smartphones. Users are receiving warnings that the messages will soon disappear from their apps unless the Facebook Messenger app is downloaded. On Tuesday, described the process of downloading and setting up the new app as “a breeze.” The download is not a large file.

Facebook apps will not allow private messages and new messaging app will be needed.
Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Some users are not happy with the change because more privacy permissions must be granted to use the Facebook Messenger app than were already required with the regular Facebook app. Although the private messages will disappear from smartphone apps as early as this week, according to the Christian Science Monitor, private messages can still be sent and received by accessing the Facebook site on an Internet browser on the smartphone. Of course, the private messaging capability will still be available on a computer browser.

There are some distinct advantages to this new Facebook Messenger app. It is much faster and has fewer bugs than the traditional Facebook platforms for smartphones. Users can also make free voice phone calls to other Facebook users free of charge through a Wi-Fi connection. You can learn more about that feature in the attached video at the top of the article. One advantage of this capability is that there are times when a cell phone signal does not exist but Wi-Fi is available, so a phone call can be made.

Once downloaded, Facebook users will probably not notice much of a difference. A seamless movement between the two apps will occur. The Facebook Messenger accesses the sign-in information from the Facebook app already installed on the Android or iPhone device. Given the ease of use that an app provides in contrast to having to wait for a mobile browser to download the Facebook website, most users will likely download the new app, albeit begrudgingly.

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