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Facebook Messenger considered downright frightening

A recent article posted in the early morning hours of August 10, 2014 on The Unofficial Apple Weblog is rating the forced use of the newly required Facebook Messenger app with extremely poor marks. Users are sending messages to Facebook in huge numbers, including phrases like “terrible app”, “ridiculous product”, and “lack of privacy” among many other very colorful wording choices.

Why all the fuss? Besides the fact that the app seems to be filled with multiple bugs and glitches, Facebook will soon be making this application mandatory for its entire community of users in the very near future, that is, if they still want to keep using their messenger functions at all.

While the app was actually first launched back in 2011, Facebook members are now receiving messages across the spectrum that the original messenger function currently available on the traditional website will soon completely disappear altogether. So, if members want to keep messaging one another, the only way possible will be through the Facebook Messenger App downloaded to their smartphones.

As you might expect, people are heading to the Apple App Store in droves. Within a few hours of the barrage of notifications sent across the Facebook site, the Facebook Messenger app hit the #1 spot. Oddly enough, however, the app was only averaging a 1-star rating as of 11 am EST on the morning of August 11, 2014, according to an ABC News affiliate website.

But Android users seem to be bearing the brunt of the bugs, glitches, and somewhat scary permissions protocol. Under the terms of service agreement that everyone must approve before being able to download and use the now-required messenger application, Android users are warned of some very strange possibilities when using Facebook Messenger for Android.

  • The app may accidentally call phone numbers or send SMS messages to people from the contact list, perhaps resulting in some unforeseen charges.
  • The app can record audio and take pictures, and Android users are warned that these functions may begin to occur at any time and without the users’ prior permission.

No wonder people feel like Big Brother is watching all the time on Facebook. What possible motive could Facebook have for including this wording in the terms of service agreement? Will Facebook be listening to the music that users are playing in the backgrounds while using the new messenger app? Will the social media giant be listening to our face-to-face conversations with our friends, family members, and significant others? Will our music choices and topics of conversation be sold to marketers and advertisers?

Facebook is saying that the app is a “work in progress”. But millions of new purchasers of Facebook Messenger consider the app to be no sort of “progress” at all.

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