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Facebook messages, tags from dead girlfriend driving boyfriend insane

This boy thinks his dead girlfriend is contacting him through Facebook from beyond the grave.
This boy thinks his dead girlfriend is contacting him through Facebook from beyond the grave.

There are often many reports of people passing away and then others being contacted by them from the "other side." Some turn out to be rather believable while others are totally bogus from the start. Well, Altered Dimensions reported a tale on July 6, 2014, that is either very well done or incredibly true. No matter the case, the story is rather creepy and well worth checking out.

Is this man's dead girlfriend really talking to him through Facebook?

There aren't any last names listed in what is quickly turning into the most popular new urban legend in a long time.

As the story goes, Nathan's girlfriend Emily died in a horrible car accident back on Aug. 7, 2012. Emily's vehicle was struck by another car that ran a red light. Emily was said to have died instantly and in a matter so gruesome that one of her legs was actually found under her backseat.

In September of 2013, Nathan started getting messages from Emily's Facebook account. It was an account that was left open because Nathan felt it would be "too final" to close it. He still liked the idea of sending her the random message or looking through her photos from time-to-time.

SEE: Slideshow with some messages and tagged Facebook photos between Nathan and a deceased Emily

According to Nathan, only he and Emily's mother had access to the account. Well, neither of them claimed to have sent the messages.

The messages began with a simple "hello" from Emily and she would never say more than that. Nathan assumed it was Emily's mother or a hacker friend who was playing a cruel joke. That first message was on Sept. 4, 2013.

Months later, on Nov. 16, 2013, Emily wrote Nathan again asking him about doing something and then stating "the wheels on the bus." Nathan began realizing that this "Emily" was taking parts of past discussions they had and recycling them.

In February of 2014, Nathan began getting notifications that Emily was tagging herself in his photos. By the time he'd go check it out, the tag would be removed. Finally, he was said to have caught two of them and grabbed screenshots showing the tag box where Emily "would be" in the picture.

One problem here is that one of the screenshots is from April of 2013, which is way before Nathan even said to have gotten the first message from a deceased Emily.

Anyway, Nathan checked with Emily's mom and she again said she had not messaged him or tagged Emily from the account.

Nathan soon began attempting different methods to find out who was on the account or to stop it. He changed the password numerous times, but it never stopped. Nathan found out the log-ins were happening from numerous places that he and Emily had spent together.

Soon, Emily's messages started getting a bit more intense and Nathan began to fall into a depression. He didn't know what to do and couldn't figure out how everything was happening.

Late into 2014, the messages from Emily became more frequent and then one finally appeared with a bunch of nonsensical gibberish and then the word "FRE EZIN G" which had not been recycled from their old conversations.

Nathan said this is when he began to have nightmares which he described as such:

“I keep dreaming that she’s in an ice cold car, frozen blue and grey, and I’m standing outside in the warmth screaming at her to open the door. She doesn’t even realize I’m there. Sometimes her legs are outside with me.”

Nathan started faking he was drunk to be "mushy" with Emily and see if the person acting as her would respond with loving words, which Emily never really did. That was when she said, "(j)ust let me walk" and that was important because Emily had lost a leg in the real accident.

It was then that Nathan memorialized Emily's page which closed down access to the page. That was when it got really creepy.

Emily started sending messages about her being freezing again but also parts that were recycled from the last posts Nathan sent to her on the day she died. They were recycled messages of him being worried and asking her to pick up her phone, but she couldn't, because she was dead.

On June 30, 2014, Nathan went into some forums to compose a long message about the fact he was scared of all that was going on. As he was typing the message, he got a Facebook notification from Emily.

It was a message with a picture that showed a small window in a door and a computer screen.

Nathan posted the pic and said:

“That’s my door. That’s my computer. It’s taken from outside. I got the message three hours ago but didn’t check it until now. I’m on my tablet in my garage.”

SEE: Slideshow with some messages and tagged Facebook photos between Nathan and a deceased Emily

Since then, Nathan has said he has tried to recreate the picture but can't do it. He also seems to be slowly slipping into mental instability as he had been posting very random and strange rants in the forum where he was talking about the situation with Emily.

No-one knows the true story here, but some forum users have taken it upon themselves to try and dig up as much info as possible.

The only thing really known is that an accident report from Australia was found for the date of Emily's accident and it matched everything perfectly. One weird part is that a woman named "Emily" didn't die, but a man named "Nathan" did.

The slideshow presents an ordered look at what Nathan has posted about this situation with Emily.

Whatever the case may be, it could be one of two things. It could be a really scary situation that just can't be explained by any stretch of the imagination. Another option is that it could be a very intricate and detailed fraud perpetrated by a smart individual with a lot of time.

Either way, it's an interesting and creepy look at life or the hereafter, isn't it?

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