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Facebook Mentions increases social media engagement of celebrities and brands

Ed Sheeran is one of the many celebrities who uses Facebook Mentions for iOS to find out what people are saying about them.
Ed Sheeran is one of the many celebrities who uses Facebook Mentions for iOS to find out what people are saying about them.

Facebook launched a new iOS app called Facebook Mentions on Thursday (July 17), exclusively for celebrities, brands and public figures. The social media mentions tracking app lets influencers such as musicians, athletes, actors and other brands see what people are saying about them.

While the app is available to the public in the iTunes app store for download, it’s geared towards the famous few members our society. In order to get the Mentions app working, the Facebook user must be a recognized “Verified” Facebook profile or page. The popular social networking site took a page out of Twitter’s book last year when it introduced a blue badge verification icon for high profile account users.

When visiting the Facebook page of celebrities, the familiar sight of a white check mark centered in a blue circle indicates that the account is legit. Verification helps fans identify which page is an official celebrity page as opposed to a fake or parody account. The new Facebook Mentions app helps celebrities and brands see what the public is saying about them and prompts them to engage more on social media.

As Mashable reports, a select group of celebrities have already secretly adopted the Facebook Mentions app. Users of the mention tracking Facebook app so far include Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Josh Duhamel, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, Tyrese Gibson, Rachel Zoe, Arianna Huffington, Bill Nye and Nick Kristof.

In one example of how the app works, Whoopi Goldberg was able to view and reply to a comment that she wouldn't have come across without the Facebook Mentions app. Like Twitter mentions, celebrities receive instant notifications when their name is mentioned in a Facebook post. According to Facebook, Goldberg along with the aforementioned group of celebrities have doubled their daily social media content since using the Mentions app.

Taking a bite out of Twitter’s “Trending” topics feature, the Mentions app lets celebs view and join in on popular conversations on Facebook. The Mentions app aims to increase audience engagement with celebrities and public figures on Facebook. Most fans look to Twitter and Instagram to interact and stay up to date with their favorite stars and brands. The Facebook Mentions app is another social media platform where celebrities can launch Q&A sessions and post images and videos to share with their followers. Currently available only in the U.S., within the coming months, the Facebook Mentions app for iOS will roll out to other countries.

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