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Facebook just added 50 new genders

Facebook just added 50 new genders
Facebook just added 50 new genders
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On February 13, 2014, Facebook announces a change in their “gender settings”. Facebook users in the United States can now choose from over 50 different custom gender options. Whether Facebook plans to allow other countries to use these setting is not known at this time.

It used to be only two choices Male or Female. However, a third option was added on Thursday, “Custom”.

Facebook released this statement on their Facebook Diversity page, “When you come to Facebook to connect with the people, causes, and organizations you care about, we want you to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self.”

Those users who choose to select using this third new option also have the choice of which pronoun they would like to be referred to as (he/his), (she/her), (they/their) or one can pick neither.

With the challenges some people face, Facebook realizes having control over who sees these new settings is important to how safe and secure one feels with sharing their true gender identities.

Here is a quick Step by Step on how to change your settings.

How to change your settings:

  • Go to your profile page (also known as your timeline page).
  • On the left of your page you are going to “update info” in your about section, click Update Info.
  • Next, you will edit your “basic information”.
  • Where you see, “gender” click on it. You can choose male, female or custom.
  • Click custom, now you can select your identity. These range from non-binary, transsexual, two spirits, neutrois, gender questioning and many more.
  • The final step is choosing your preferred pronoun. This can be set to public, friends, only me, custom.

Remember to “save” the changes you made and you are done.

If you need further assistance, you can go to Facebook Help Page.

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