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Facebook is cracking down on illegal gun sales on its website

Facebook has become internationally popular as a social networking site. Unfortunately there have also been efforts by some criminal elements to use Facebook as a place to sell illegal guns. Facebook is now cracking down on illegal gun sales planned on its website, reports The News Courier on March 5, 2014. This initiative by Facebook to prevent criminal activity on its website is setting a precedent other social media sites could follow.


In a blog post on Wednesday Facebook said it will delete posts where users declare they are willing to break the law, such as to sell a gun without a background check or transport it across state lines. It has been said people who promote private sales of guns, or other regulated goods and services, might receive a message from Facebook reminding them to please comply with the law. Facebook has said it has worked to find a solution to this problem that wouldn't limit free expression.

Facebook has been in talks with two gun control groups that have been pressuring the social network to crack down on illegal gun sales and trades, reports The Los Angeles Times. A Facebook spokesman has said, "We are talking with a number of organizations around our policies on guns." Facebook has also noted that it's common for the firm to engage with advocacy groups which are concerned about hate speech, bullying and other hot issues. Going after illegal gun sales and other illegal activities online, while also working hard not to limit free expression, is a commendable move by Facebook.

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