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Facebook is About to get a Whole Lot Weirder.

The world today is surround by people who are attached to cell phones, as if in the next 50 years, people will be born with a cellphone attached to the hand. They surely have changed the way we communicate with other people, instead of talking, text messages are sent. Phones are rarely used for phone calls anymore. It is all about the next best camera and app.

Facebook, in the next couple of weeks is rolling out a new feature which alerts a user when a nearby friend is by. This could potentially do more damage than good, but it is really no different from the location on status bar. Publicly stating where you are going or at can be far more problematic. With this new feature, there really is no use, although it is interesting, it maybe be kind of redundant. If someone wanted to hang out with a friend, they would simply send a message, or give them a call, but considering someone wants to go somewhere by themselves. Why would you be interested if there are other friends around. On the bright side, with a simply flick of the location/GPS switch, you can become rouge.

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