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Facebook helps save Michigan State Spartan's logo

MSU Men's Basketball team at the Breslin Center with current logo on the on the court.
MSU Men's Basketball team at the Breslin Center with current logo on the on the court.
(AP Photo/Al Goldis)

A few weeks ago Michigan State University filed a US patent for a new logo. However, the word got out on Facebook and the news spread. Over 19,000 joined a group against the Nike influcnced logo and over 61,000 became fans of the old logo. These groups encouraged members to email MSU athletic director Mark Hollis. Not only did they flood the inbox of Hollis, but other important MSU figures as well.

MSU Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Izzo was the recipient of many of these emails. At one point Izzo spoke out in support of the new logo because it would help unify the teams. However, the Spartan faithful were not persuaded by his statements.

Today, Hollis sent out an email to Spartan fans that had emailed him about the change. In the email Hollis stated:

“After careful consideration, we will use the current Spartan logo design, first used in the late 1970s, to build our visual brand identity.”

The email also talked about unifying the teams under one logo and uniform.  Hollis also thanked Nike for their sponsorship.  A copy of Hollis' entire statement can be found on the MSU athletic department web page.

This just goes to show that complaining on the internet can actually produce results. Facebook can be a great communication tool and can spread news incredible fast. It can help activists of even minor causes get organized. With enough people pulling together and emailing the right people real change can be made.

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