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Facebook gender options: 50 gender choices covers just about everyone

Facebook gender options will no longer keep the masses within those few neat and tidy little boxes now that they have 50 gender options to choose from. 50 choices may seem a bit bizarre to some, but for others, who never quite fit the male or female choices, these newly offered unique little boxes mean a lot, according to Fox News on Feb 13.

Facebook gender options grow to 50 choices.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One of the engineers who works at Facebook knows just how folks feel who consider themselves something other than what the Facebook choices previously offered. Brielle Harrison is undergoing gender transformation from male to female. She worked on the project that now offers up the new 50 choices. She was happy to be able to identify herself as TransWoman.

Gender non-conforming people as well as the folks going through the transgender process couldn’t identify with just male or female for a choice. Now that Facebook has opened up the choices, people aren’t honed in on one little box that doesn’t fit who they are.

People no longer have to pick what gender choice is the closest to what gender they identify themselves with today. Now they have the 50 exact options for their profile.

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