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Facebook forcing messaging through their new app

The app Facebook forces upon users
The app Facebook forces upon users

Facebook has recently changed the way that messaging works on their website. Instead of being able to chat with friends and family on the desktop through the website, Facebook now wants its users to download their application, Messenger. Messenger works exactly as chat would on the website just in its own application. Many people are wondering why Facebook would do something so outrageous.

Many users think that it is okay to encourage users to try the application, but they feel that forcing millions of people to use the Messenger application is crazy. Many people that have used the app are happy with it though. Facebook recently acquired an app called WhatsApp for $19 billion. WhatsApp is another messenger application, it allows the user to enter their cell phone number to message numbers in their phone for free if they have the app too.

Why would Facebook pay so much for this app though? Many people now believe that it was to get a good idea on how to make their messenger the best that it can be. It was also to just add another company to their monopoly too. There is a smart aspect to this application though. Currently many users respond to Facebook messages late or longer then they would a regular text message. This Messenger application is her to correct this. Many users are still curious as to why Facebook would force its users to use it though.

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