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Facebook falsely flags articles mentioning Islam as 'unsafe'

Photos detail how Facebook falsely flagged articles as "unsafe," and show how Facebook treats certain users/pages.
Photos detail how Facebook falsely flagged articles as "unsafe," and show how Facebook treats certain users/pages.
Facebook screencapture

How far is Facebook apparently willing to go to stifle certain topics or articles? On Friday, administrators of the Facebook page "Islam Exposed" informed Examiner that at least two of our recent articles were falsely flagged by Facebook as "unsafe." Affected articles had one element in common: Both mentioned Islam.

Is Facebook doing the bidding of Muslim groups by falsely flagging articles mentioning Islam?
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

One article dealing with allegations made by a counter-terrorism expert was falsely blocked by Facebook on Wednesday. The other article ironically dealt with a petition on the White House "We the People" site calling for an end to censorship of speech dealing with Islam. Screen captures of both blocks can be seen in the slideshow above.

Islam Exposed's Lisa Michelle said Friday at least six links mentioning Islam appeared, then mysteriously disappeared but "have now miraculously reappeared." Attempts to share the links on Facebook, however, failed as of this writing.

Administrators of Islam Exposed, a Facebook page recently pulled and restored by Facebook, say it is no mere coincidence that the pages and posts of certain religious, right-leaning, pro-Israel, and humanitarian groups vocal about Islamic brutality, Sharia law, terrorism and jihad, are vanishing into what they called the black hole of Facebook's abyss. A status update posted by the page asking users to abide by Facebook's community standards, for example, was removed. According to Facebook, the post violated their community standards. The administrator who posted it also received a 30-day ban.

Imagine: A 30-day ban from Facebook for asking visitors to abide by Facebook's own standards.

"Some," one administrator said, "have implied that something far less than pristine is up its sleeve — or more aptly in its pocket — than merely upholding its own Community Standards."

On Wednesday, we reported that Dave Gaubatz, a counter-terrorism expert with many years experience and author of "Muslim Mafia," said he was informed by a representative of one Muslim group they were working "closely" with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to close accounts of users critical of Islam. The problems began after we sought clarification and comments from Facebook and the group in question.

This is not the first time Facebook's actions have been questioned. For more than two years, this writer has documented a number of incidents regarding the social media site and what many say is its arbitrary and capricious enforcement of its policies. Literally hundreds, if not thousands, of average users and page owners have reached out to us with examples of what can only be called abuse. Facebook says it supports free speech, but it looks more and more like it only supports free speech for some while severely curtailing it for others.

Now, with the site arbitrarily blocking articles that simply mention Islam, one has to wonder: Who or what is really running Facebook, and to what end?

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