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Facebook event asks supporters to send John Boehner 'balls to impeach' Obama

Facebook event asks supporters to send John Boehner "balls to impeach" Obama
Facebook event asks supporters to send John Boehner "balls to impeach" Obama
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House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has said Republicans have no plans to impeach President Obama, and any talk of impeachment is simply a "scam" started by Democrats in the White House. But conservative talk show host Josh Bernstein of "The Josh Bernstein Show" says he's "had enough," and started a Facebook event called "Operation: Balls to Impeach" on Tuesday.

Bernstein, a harsh critic of the administration, has been considering the event for some time. In a statement to, he expressed deep frustration with the administration and with Republicans who refuse to take action.

"I decided to start this campaign because no one in Congress is fighting back," he said. "It is very frustrating that the leaders we elected to represent us are failing to be a voice for their constituents."

In his view, the real problem is Speaker Boehner, who could initiate impeachment proceedings, but has so far been reluctant to do so. Other Republicans, like Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, have said Obama risks impeachment if he unilaterally grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Talk of impeachment has also spurred the Democratic Party to send frantic fundraising emails in an effort to spur their left-wing base prior to the mid-term elections.

But talk of impeachment is not enough, and Bernstein says it's time to give Boehner "the balls he needs to impeach the President." He also made his feelings known in an open letter to the Speaker.

"Mr. Speaker, America is dying," he said. "The America of today is vastly different from the America of old. Our shining city on a hill is slowly turning into a dilapidated, morally and ethically bankrupt pile of rubble."

For millions of Americans, he said, the American Dream has turned into a nightmare. The problem, he added, is liberalism -- from both parties. The "fundamental transformation" Obama promised is turning America into a third-world nation, he said.

"We used to celebrate success now we demonize it. We used to punish law breakers now we reward them. We used to fight our enemies now we arm them, train them, and even financially support them," he said.

Bernstein laid out a laundry list of problems America faces. The reason, he said, is that America has "an imperial president who runs an imperial administration." Worse yet, he explained, Obama's excesses have come about as a direct result of a legislative branch that refuses to perform its Constitutional duties, although he lauded Boehner for filing a lawsuit, which he describes as "window dressing."

"Mr. Speaker, I have had enough," he said. "I can not sit by and watch as you allow this administration to run roughshod over and trample on all of our rights. That is why I have decided to give you a few things that you unfortunately lack."

And with that, Bernstein launched his campaign to give the Speaker a symbolic dose of testicular fortitude. The event asks supporters to send Boehner two "gumballs, ping pong balls, golf balls" or even tennis balls.

"My hope is that you receive hundreds and thousands of balls and it continues until you start impeachment proceedings," he continued. "My goal is to have millions of Americans like myself participate in this operation. My hope is that this letter to you is read by millions of Americans and shared by millions more."

"Mr. Speaker, you have an obligation to stand up for the American people," he added. "You have an opportunity to stop the madness. You have an opportunity to stand with the people instead of against them."

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