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Facebook email service: Site to forward emails to inbox? Underused option gone

The Facebook email service is one underused option being discarded this week, though the solution the site has to forward Facebook emails to your inbox may not be a popular one. While some social network users may be surprised to learn that they even had a specific Facebook email address, website officials have revealed this week that low user numbers has encouraged them to let the service be removed. UPI News reports this Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014, that their new answer to this defunct program might be troubling or frustrating to many more, however.

Facebook may be sending email service to your inbox
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Due to a low usage rate and general lack of knowledge, the Facebook email service is going to be gone soon. Instead, the Facebook site is planning to forward all emails sent to your email address directly to the inbox of the user’s primary email address. Simply put, emails your account receives may instead be allotted to the email that people used when first signing up for the popular social network.

Fortunately, however, the site has confirmed that all users will soon have the option to completely turn off the forwarding service when the rollout changes occur, and those who fail to have that primary email address on the list will not be getting any of these forward emails.

Unsurprisingly, though, a majority of people will not even be getting any emails to their original email address anyway, so not to worry. The reason? Because the Facebook email service was so underused or simply ignored by a vast number of users, there are no emails even being sent to the personal address.

"Most people have not been using their email address," said a Facebook spokesperson, who was recently able to confirm the new update.

While many users may be unaware of it, the Facebook email service officially launched way back in 2010. It was intended to offer social network users a quick and efficient way to send emails back and forth to their friends online that also used Facebook. Furthermore, formal registration was not necessary; everyone was provisionally provided an email address in the standard format that followed [username]

Unfortunately, it did mean that anyone who had open access to one’s username could search you up on Facebook, then send you a personal email through that Facebook email service, or even through one’s personal online address. However, site officials did say that they purposefully only allowed a non-friend to send you a limited amount of electronic messages.

"We limit the number of messages a person can receive in their inbox from people they're not connected to," a Facebook spokesperson told an online news site. "We also have systems in place to detect spam, and will not forward messages that we think are spam. The external email provider will also do their own spam checks."

Ultimately, this underused option was never truly used by a majority of social network users, so regular Facebookers won’t have much to fret about with the Facebook email service being gone.

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