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Facebook email service put out to pasture: A little gem not many knew about

Facebook email service is put out to pasture, but many didn't know there even was a Facebook email!
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Facebook email service is a thing of the past, as the social network giant shut down its email simply because not many used it. Facebook email didn’t follow the popular adage of “build it and they will come,” because as long as the email has been built in to Facebook, not many bothered to take advantage of it.

According to on Feb. 25, the email was shut down on Monday without any fanfare. Many Facebook users didn’t know that a Facebook email was there. Facebook sent a message out to users saying the Facebook addresses are going away. They also said that most people who have a Facebook page weren’t using the email.

Facebook had high hopes for its email service when it launched in 2010, they referred to their new email as a “Gmail killer.” As NPR puts it, Facebook shuts down email service, “having admitted defeat.” They will redirect any email sent to your Facebook email address to the email that is associated with your Facebook account!

Some today may be sorry to see this hidden gem go, but others are probably scratching their heads wondering why they didn't know about this Facebook email service.

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