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Facebook down: The best tweets during the Facebook outage

When you can't post on Facebook, head to Twitter.
When you can't post on Facebook, head to Twitter.

Facebook went down for millions upon millions of users on Friday, Aug. 1, 2014, in the early afternoon hours. It may pointless to say it, but the world collectively freaked out. USA Today reported that the scope of the outage wasn't exactly known, but it was rather wide and went among a lot of users. During this time, people stayed behind their keyboards and jumped on Twitter.

Facebook did confirm they are working to fix the problem, but wouldn't say exactly what was wrong. A statement revealed:

"We're aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook," reads a statement from the company. "We're working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible."

At this point, people didn't stop interacting. They just shifted their focus to a different social media site and that was mostly Twitter.

#Facebookdown was trending in huge ways and some of the tweets were incredibly hilarious. People were making fun of everyone, including themselves, and decided to take advantage of the Facebook outage that was bothering so many on this work day.

Here is just a small collection of the thousands upon thousands of tweets that detailed the hilarious thoughts of everyone during Facebook being down.

Chris F. Holm (@chrisfholm)


Monstaz (@MonstazFaye)

"I am hearing voices. Oh, nvm, its just people going outside to shout out their status updates. #facebookdown"

God (@TheTweetOfGod)

"Attention world: #facebookdown. Please remain calm and do not attempt to interact with human beings." (@thissongslaps)

"#Facebookdown: Millions of mothers worldwide are forced to raise their babies instead of posting pictures of them on Facebook."

WGNMorningNews (@WGNMorningNews)

"Now is the PERFECT time to get Grandma signed up for The Twitter. #FacebookDown"

Joel Creasey (@joelcreasey)

"Day. Ruined. I was going to spend the afternoon stalking photos of people I went to school with whose lives have fallen apart. #facebookdown"

Doctor Disney (@Doctor_Disney)

"#Facebookdown - Trying really hard to bring these real life bales of hay and cows to people for #Farmville"

Suzi M (@Xirconnia)

"#facebookdown #facebookupagain Whew. I was almost productive for a minute. Glad that's over!"

Adido (@Adido)

"#facebookdown - nooo! But what about all the people who have pictures of their dinner to upload!"

Dennis Thurman (@PCBDPastor)

"Had another witty #facebookdown tweet ready--and it's back. Bad timing--like calling my broker and telling him to buy shares in MySpace. :("

Chris Pirillo (@ChrisPirillo)

"You almost had to start using Google+ this morning.


Pixable (@pixable)

"Facebook users are roaming the streets in tears, shoving photos of themselves in people's faces and screaming, 'Do you like this? DO YOU?!'"

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