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Facebook down: Social media site has outage, freaks out the world

Another Facebook outage is freaking everyone out.
Another Facebook outage is freaking everyone out.

Facebook is down. Well, at least it was for a little while in the early afternoon and morning of Friday, Aug. 1, 2014. Those wishing to log on to Facebook saw that there was indeed an outage around 12:00 noon EST on Friday, and visitors to the site were met with a simple message stating, "Sorry, something went wrong."

Needless to say, but the world essentially freaked out.

Upon trying to log into Facebook on Friday, there was nothing more than a white page with the blue bar at the top and this message:

"Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."

At this time, Twitter blew up with all kinds of hashtags that showed exactly what people were feeling. The immense freak-out was almost immediate with Twitter seeing a plethora of hashtags including #facebookdown, #facebookoutage, and #facebookisgone.

It was back in mid-June as NBC News reported, that Facebook had another brief outage and was shut down for a while. At that time, users in the United Kingdom, India, and Israel were said to be affected the most out of everyone around the world.

That time, #WhenFacebookWasDown was the number one globally trending term. It appears as if another "Facebook Outage of 2014" is making some more terms climb up the trending ladder.

At that time, it took less than an hour for Facebook to come back online from the outage, and there was even an apology issued. There was no exact number as to how many people were affected and wouldn't state what caused the problem exactly.

This time, it appears "Facebook down" is causing a lot more trouble as many people in the United States (where, along with Canada, account for 80 percent of it's some 1.28 billion users).

There are other forms of social media such as Twitter, but the Facebook outage is really causing havoc with just about anyone and everyone.

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