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Facebook--does it take away the mystery?

That had better not be facebook!
That had better not be facebook!

Facebook. We all use it, we all love it, but is it hazardous to budding relationships?

Sure, before Facebook, there were still ways to find out about people online-but it's getting easier by the minute. All forms of technology are about ease of information. What happens when the information is too easy to get?

When two people are set up on a blind date, often they don't know more about the other person than a general description--and a name. In years past, this was all they had to go on, and there was no way to find out more than to pump your respective friend for information about the other party. When they wouldn't tell you anything, you were left to the blindest of dates, with no other option but to *gasp* converse with the other person to find out about them.

In this day and age, going out with someone without doing a little 'research' is rare. Google, Myspace, Facebook, et cetera are difficult to resist when faced with meeting someone and knowing nothing about them up front. When you have a tool like this at your disposal, most likely you will use it, as opposed to facing a completely new person. This concept is scary to us!

But how does it affect the relationship when you are able to find out everything about them from their Facebook page? If you know what his favorite color, interests, height, and favorite movies are, what is left to talk about when you actually get together? If you can find out everything about a person online, what are you supposed to do in person. And does this 'advancement' in technology cause us to write off people before we ever meet them? If you know that Joe Schmo can't stand children-should you bother meeting him at all?

When you are faced with these decisions before you ever meet someone, you do not give them the unbiased evaluation that they deserve. If you love golf and one of the first things you find out is that she hates it, that doesn't  mean that she isn't the right person for you!  People do not have to be perfectly compatible in interests and in life to fall in love. A little bit of mystery gives you a chance to find out more things that you like about a person before you write them off for one thing that you don't like. Take a chance, keep your hands off of the keyboard, and let yourself form an opinion in person!