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Facebook design is in its numbers... Lots of ones and zeros.

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Today 500 million individuals per month all over the world use the popular site Facebook. People use it to hang out with friends virtually, network with colleagues, build virtual farms during their lunch hour, and share photos from their crazy prior evenings.

If you have Facebook, here in Michigan, or elsewhere in the world, but don't actively use it, or if you just haven't made the time to join up, you are probably hurting any successful job pursuits in the near future (see next week's articles dedicated to social networking for the "pursuit of career").

Whoever you are, you may think; "hey, what the hell is the big deal." Well, all I can say is that it's in the numbers and I'm not talking computer code.

Mark Zuckerberg, founded Facebook before dropping out of Harvard with the help of roommates (Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes) and a computer science major, Andrew McCollum. Zuckerberg, currently the chief executive, says; "I'm trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share".

It doesn't hurt that his inherent desire to share among friends has caused such a success story that there is even a recent movie "The Social Network" about the trials of this ever-changing social media world. Most recently he has superseded the height of some pretty popular tech people and now ranks at number 35 for the Forbes 400 list.

The company is valued somewhere between $11 and $15 billion (around 6 times more than the worth of Twitter) and Zuckerberg nets his own worth at mere 6.9 billion.

Looking to capture the hearts and minds that are abroad? Then you would be happy to know that 70% of Facebook users are actually outside the United States.*

While 1,700 employees* (and counting) work for Facebook and the general user has 130 friends* my only question is how big are their servers to keep this stuff going?

* These and more statistics and information on Facebook can be viewed at:


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