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Facebook Cross Promoting - What is it? How can it help my business?

Exposure for your business at your fingertips.
Exposure for your business at your fingertips.
Inspired Women Buisness Alliance

Whether you are new to the whole Facebook social media genre, have a business that needs exposure or event to promote; we hope you'll find this article beneficial for your ventures.

Perks to being a member of Inspired Women Business Alliance are other members showing support for your business ventures.

I'll explain a promotional tool that is showing more promise with our members that choose this to use Cross Promotions.

What is Cross Promoting?

When we sign up new members to IWBA the cross promoting begins! Our members have opportunities present to them immediately. New fans = new opportunities. We encourage all other members to like each others pages, share their pages, creations, events, and sales. What, share other people's stuff? Yes, let me explain. Facebook is always changing their algorithms. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning, just a fancy way of saying how, who, and when your page, items and etc. are seen. This leads to a lot of frustrated page owners. IWBA keeps up to date on all the changes and updates. Cross promoting doesn't interfere with Facebook algorithms, it only enhances your chances at exposure. When you share another business's posts, pictures, sales etc. not only are your fans receiving this on their newsfeeds, but their fans also seeing it. Share them on your business and personal pages.

Did You Know?

You can switch from using your Facebook personal page to using your business page. You can like other businesses using both or all your pages. Follow these easy steps:

1. The FB toolbar is located at the top of your page, you should see the search bar, your name, the Home button, at the end you'll see an arrow pointing down.

2. Click on the arrow, the next screen allows you access to switch, look down the list, find the page you want to switch to. Now you can go and like other pages and they'll show up on your Business page newsfeed (easy access to liking and sharing their posts).

IWBA hopes all your business ventures are fruitful and leads to self sufficiency. Remember, you can find more about Inspired Women Business Alliance on Facebook or our website.

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