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Facebook Contest Apps: How to Setup Facebook Contests

Best Facebook Contest Apps
Best Facebook Contest Apps

Facebook contest apps are quickly becoming one of the most sought after tools for online marketers, sites and brands of all sizes. Facebook is also the platform of choice from running successful contests and promotions because they already have over 1.3 billion users on their site and most of them are looking for new and entertaining things to do -- such as entering your contest.

In previous years it was a huge pain to run a successful Facebook contest. You would have to setup a Facebook Fan Page, mess with your tabs and sub-pages and sometimes even mess with ad codes and permissions. In short, this was a big pain for anyone who wasn't extremely tech savvy.

Thankfully a lot has changed over the past few years and it's now very easy for anyone to get started with their own Facebook contest, and that's what we are going to be covering in this article, which is a summary of my original post here.

What to Know Before Creating a Facebook Contest

While setting up a Facebook contest for your site or brand seems like a "no brainer", there is actually some work involved in this process and being going live, you are going to want to cover a few data points. By making sure you take care of these important areas now, it will make for a more effective campaign in the long run.

  • Select a prize that is related to your end offer
  • Make sure your prize forms are mobile optimized
  • Always collect an email address to follow up with participants
  • When the contest is over, notify all entrants and not just the winners

By following these quick tips before getting started, you will see better results for your contest campaign. Also be sure to select a prize that is relevant to your end goal. If you give away something like an Apple iPad, you will get a ton of entries, but many of them won't be interested in what your company has to offer.

Recommended Facebook Contest Apps

Many different companies specialize in Facebook contests and promotions, but Wishpond is the clear leader in this space. There service is also a dream collection for anyone who is already an online marketer. In addition to setting up social media contests with a few clicks, you can also create landing pages, pop up newsletter forms, split test your results and much more.

Wishpond is currently offering a 14 day free trial for anyone who would like to try out their service and collection of tools.

As mentioned earlier, the process of creating social media driven contests and promotion used to be very complicated. Heyo has made this process much easier through the use of their drag and drop system. You can create contest and promotions to look exactly the way you want, without needing to touch any graphic design programs or know how to program or code.

Heyo currently offers a 7 day free trial for anyone who signs up on their site. No credit card required!

ShortStack has been a great tool for many online marketers and brands who are focused on creating Facebook contests that drive quality leads and increase user engagement. In addition to the backend tracking and measuring the performance of campaigns, ShortStack also allows you to completely customized the look and feel for your social media driven promotions.

ShortStack is currently offering a free trial for new users to their site.

AgoraPulse is an all-in-one solution for not only Facebook ad campaigns and contests, but also for Twitter as well. Through AgoraPulse you can setup the necessary applications, view statistics, have complete moderation of your campaigns and also qualify your leads and traffic at the same time. In short, AgoraPulse is an all in one solution for anyone looking to expand their reach through Facebook and Twitter.

AgoraPulse is also offering a free trial with no credit card required for new users to their service.

Using Facebook Contest Apps to Your Advantage

We've covered many different services for getting the most out of your Facebook contests and promotions. Each of these services are unique in the features they offer, how they track and provide you with lead gen data and some of them also offer advanced features for online marketers and ad agencies.

At the end of the day, what's important for you is to take a look at each of the services mentioned and see which applies best to your existing budget and long term goals. The good news is that they each offer a free trial, which means you can sign up for each and see which works best for you.

If you are just getting started with social media and the idea of running contests to bring in more attention, traffic and leads for your site, there is no perfect time than now. Be sure to check out each of these Facebook contest app services and see which caters best to your audience and brand.

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