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Facebook celebrates 10 years with free Facebook movie app

Find your Facebook movie and take a walk back in time
Find your Facebook movie and take a walk back in time
Sandy Wallace and Facebook

Facebook celebrated its tenth birthday on February 4, 2014 by giving Facebook users a movie featuring photos from their time on Facebook.

The Facebook 10 year anniversary is a great time to look back at your life, at least the parts of your life you share on social media.

Find the Facebook movie app on your timeline and click it or click on the link in this article. Facebook will sort through your photos and put some of them into a collage and a slideshow set to music.

The movie, titled "A Look Back", is about one minute long and includes when you joined Facebook, your first moments, most liked posts and photos you've shared.

My Facebook movie was a trip down memory lane. I share many old family photos on Facebook so the dates noted on some of the photos aren't the dates the photos were taken.

Included in my Facebook movie are some important moments which span way more than the five years I've been on Facebook.

Among the photos shown are pictures of me with my three children after my son's birth, my three children in the sky ride at an amusement park, my son's college graduation, my younger daughter's wedding, my son and his girlfriend, our granddaughter learning to walk, me with our grandsons and several photos of the entire family.

There's a favorite photo of me and my husband on a recent trip to Annapolis, photos from a beach trip a couple of years ago, a photo of us hiking in the mountains, a photo from our wedding day that I shared on our anniversary, and an anniversary message I wrote to my husband.

Also included are many photos of other family members and friends, including our friends Rob and Steph's wedding, a Grandparents Day photo which includes my son-in-law's parents, my sister Debbie and her husband Jim, their five children, several photos of me with some of my siblings, my brother Pat and his family, my niece Maddie, my brother Mike cooking on the grill when he was a young adult and a favorite photo of me and Mike when we were little kids.

The center photo Facebook in my collage isn't the one I would have chosen to represent my life, but is one of my most recent profile pictures. The photo was taken on a beautiful day at the top of Sharp Top Mountain in Virginia.

You might be surprised to see what you have shared on Facebook. One local newscaster mentioned that a photo of a serial killer is included in his movie. A foodie friend's movie includes lots of photos of food.

For many of us, family and friends are the most featured photos in our Facebook movies, just as they're the most important people in our lives.

Most of us share the important memories of our lives on Facebook. For its birthday, Facebook gives you back some of those memories with "A Look Back."

Give it a try and see how Facebook puts together a movie of your life. Be sure to check out all of your friends' Facebook movies, too. Whether you're 14, 44 or 84, technology can be a lot of fun.

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