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Facebook atheist community helps struggling administrator


When it comes to charity atheists get a bad rap, but one of the administrators from the closed Facebook group, “Open & Like-minded Free-thinkers Worldwide” disagrees with that assessment. Mia Adams, a single parent, was laid off from her job just a week before Christmas. Needing help, Adams confided to a friend who reached out to a local church, and those in the small Facebook group she administrates. The result was astonishing.

In an exclusive e-mail interview, Adams tells me that the group was able to raise $1200 in less than a week by 23 different donors from all over the world.

“This was enough to pay our rent and utilities, to keep us in our place for another month, while I keep looking for work and will help hold us over until my Unemployment Insurance kicks in.”

Almost all of that money came from atheists. Adams informed me that one Christian and one agnostic outside of her Facebook group contributed:

“One of my admins posted a plea for help in the group, mentioning my present struggles, and the members all got together to help me - members from all over the world, many of whom I have never met... some who had just joined the day the plea was posted.”

She continues:

“I think that awareness of humanity without religion needs to be made, and I want to help to make that happen. I want the world to know how much can be done with pure, natural humanity, void of religion.”

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