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Facebook apologizes for mistakenly deleting account for woman's dying pug

Sapphire is a ten-year-old pug dying from terminal cancer. Her Facebook page tells the loyal dog's stories and helps others who have dogs dying also.
Sapphire the Pug Hudman FB

Sapphire is a ten-year-old pug dying from terminal cancer; she is only expected to live a few more weeks, but her human companion, Wendy Hudman of Salt Lake City, Utah has been chronicling her beloved little companion's life on a Facebook page, Sapphire the Pug Hudman.

According to, however Sapphire's Facebook page violated the terms of service because pets aren't permitted to have individual personal profiles; Hudman would have to start a new celebrity or business page.

Really Facebook? Wendy used Sapphire's page with over 2,000 friends to relate the warm emotional moments all dog lovers cherish, and also to help out other friends who have terminally ill pets; as in the following post:

"Every once in a while I catch my mom looking at me and tearing up. I know that she is being strong for me. Mornings, when mom wakes up, she keeps her eyes closed – waiting – listening for me to make a noise – a little snort, a deep breath, or a quiet sneeze. Then she kisses me and tells me how much she loves me!

I worry about my mom when the day comes I won’t be here. I have a lot of responsibilities that I’ll need some of my friends to take over."

Suddenly Sapphire's page was gone from Facebook. Wendy was just heartbroken and reached out to the media for help:

"My little dog is just a sweet little dog that is dying and will be gone in weeks now we can't get the love and support from all of our friends it's heartbreaking. I would like Facebook to give us back our profile give us back our friends give us back the people that love and adore us."

Never underestimate the power of compassionate news people. After the news station contacted Facebook, the following message was emailed to them later Monday afternoon:

"The page was mistakenly removed and will now be resorted. we apologize for the inconvenience."

We wish you the best Sapphire.

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