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Facebook and kind clerk assist homeless woman in finding family

Store clerk helps homeless woman find family
Store clerk helps homeless woman find family

On Sunday 70 year-old Jane Holder went into a convenience store and requested assistance from store clerk Abbi Johnson. Holder who previously lost her husband was homeless and searching for her two sons, James & Rodney Holder

Johnson was very busy but listened attentively, offered kind words and placed a post on Facebook requesting assistance for Mrs. Holder.

I had a 70 yr. old woman come into my store tonight. It was hard watching her trying to explain that she was trying to find her 2 son's that live in Oklahoma. She wasn't exactly sure where. She proceeded to tell me she lost touch with them a few yrs. ago. The reason she drove to Oklahoma is because the man she had been with for 20 yrs. died. Basically she is homeless and scared. She didn't ask for money all she wanted was for me to put this on the internet. Please help her find her kids. She is currently at the TA off I-40 and Council living in her van. She was very clean and didn't seem like she was trying to scam anyone. She had a hard time even asking me to do this. So I'm hoping all my friends will pass this along. The son’s names are James and Rodney Holder. Her name is Jane Holder.”

The information Johnson posted began to circulate rapidly across the Facebook community ending the search for Jane’s family.

Johnson reported that Jane’s family contacted her last night and had been trying to locate her for over 2 yrs. The family was very excited to finally have found her and will be reunited soon.