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Face your fears and overcome them!

Many of us are afraid of something. We can perhaps think back to when we first realized that we could get hurt. Then we grew to understand that hurt can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Face your fears and overcome them
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

If we survive the many scars that life seems to deliver, we spend the rest of our lives seeking healing for damaged emotions.

Some of us bear scars from the war! For example, veterans fight for their country and make the sacrifice, many not thinking of the personal loss to themselves, their families, until years later perhaps.

Some of us bear scars from parenting; physical and emotional scars are common as we nurture our offspring from birth to adulthood.

There are those who bear scars daily as they seek to serve - our first responders, our policemen, firefighters, nurses, doctors are some that come to mind.

Many do not come readily to mind, but they bear scars nonetheless. They may have never received a medal, or public recognition for their courage, their determination, their persistence against all odds. Many were born with physical or mental handicaps, and for them life is a constant battle, a constant challenge.

What scars do you bear today? What fears grip you daily? To pursue your dreams you must face your fears, and overcome them!

It may be a career you dreamed of, or some private ambition you cherish. It may be as simple as learning to play an instrument, or riding the bicycle, or learning a new language, or writing a book. Whatever it is, I want you to take out those dreams again, dust them off, like books unread on a dusty shelf. Open those pages again and dare to dream, and dare to live, again.

It is okay to examine your scars, and remember, but you cannot stop there. You must face your fears, and overcome them. Seek help if you must. Talk to someone, a close friend, a loved one. Solicit their help and support. You can do this, but it starts with believing, then face your fears, and overcome them.

Some time ago I reviewed the children's book The Glow by Willow Frog. This is a must read, for young and old. Nigel was afraid of the dark but in the end he overcame his fears and learned how to glow. What is your glow? What is that purpose that is yet unfulfilled and is still buried deep within? You know what it is. This year, you owe it to yourself to try, and try, and try again, until finally you will begin to glow.

Also, view DBR's Books Blog as they research some inspiring books about eliminating fear from your life and achieving your dream! Read The Reading Journal entry#1 and entry#2 of The Power to Transform by Chris Majer.

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