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Face time with your baby

Moms and babies need face time everyday. Newborns learn very quickly to recognize their mom's face, and new moms need to make time everyday to have face-to-face activity time with babies. Child development educators stress the importance of movement activities for newborns. Tummy time activities are important. Newborns should have the opportunity to be placed on a blanket on the floor for a period of time each day to encourage movement. Small toys that are place in front of the infant within easy reach encourage the infant to reach for and grasp objects that they want.

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Child's Space in Sarasota is offering a Mom and Baby Class beginning on January 16 for moms of newborns and pre-crawlers to learn new skills for managing baby's growth and development. Moms will learn about activities that they can do with their babies that involve movement, touch, and face-to-face interaction with their baby. Other topics of interest for moms of newborns and pre-crawlers will teach tummy time activities, methods of calming your baby, and teaching your baby to roll.

The classes will be held at the Forty carrots Family Center, located at 1500 S. Tuttle Ave. in Sarasota. The fee for the classes are $15 per class, with a total of $50 for 4 class sessions. Interested moms may register by calling 941-362-0944, or by email at

Create time each day for face time with your infant and enjoy the smiles that come with this time.

Check out the included video for an important point about detecting autism while having face time with your infant.

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