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Face tattoo after first date: Romance or madness?

Face tattoo after first date: Romance or madness? Believe it or not, one woman actually took this permanent step shortly after meeting her new beau, whom she plans to marry, according to a Feb. 5, 2013 report by The Hollywood Gossip.

A woman gets a face tattoo after a first date and transforms herself from an attractive young woman into a walking testament to a romance that may never even blossom. See the controversial new tattoo here. The five-inch high letters spell out Ruslan on each side of her face. Ruslan is controversial tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz, the young woman's fiancé.

Since most relationships don't make it beyond the early stages, this Russian graduate student, whose name is Lesya Toumaniantz, was taking a big chance when she permitted her boyfriend of less than 24 hours to emblazon his name on her face. At least she knows one person will actually like it.

Let's face it, no pun intended, this wasn't the smartest idea in the history of romance. Hopefully the face tattoo after a first date will be something Lesya can live with forever. If not, she can look forward to many painful and expensive treatments to remove it.


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