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Face Reading- Your Face Tells the Truth

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Lin Klaassen is not a psychic but she knows all about you. All Lin has to do is read your face. Lin explained, "As long as I can see your face, I can read it. At a glance, I can know more about you with face reading than any other way.

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Your facial features create a living ever changing personality profile, a history of who you are. Genetically you are born with the blueprint of your parents and ancestory then as you go through life with friends, teachers, and other influences. Changes evolve based on the behavior you embrace or let go.

You are born with certain traits just as you are born with certain muscles. There are 144 muscles and 14 bones in the face. The bones don't change as much as your muscles do. Each of the 144 muscles as well as every line, indent and crevice in your face tells me something about the person.

The average person would usually have 50-60 traits, but not all of them. You have to learn to read the traits and apply those that are important to particular type of interactions.

Whether it is for law enforcement, parenting, dating, sales, poker players, jury selection, business, or getting along with people, they each are interested in different personality traits.

As a jury consultant, an attorney contacts me to discuss the basis of his case and his idea of an ideal juror. The attorney may be looking for someone who is detail oriented, logical, and unemotional because they are presenting a lot of detailed evidence, facts, and figures.

The juror must be able to follow the presentation. An attorney with a personal injury case wants the juror to have an emotional connection with the defendant for a high settlement. Sometimes the trial is won or lost by the time the jury is seated based on how well the attorneys have selected the jurors.

Only the attorneys know why I am in the courtroom. The Supreme Court ruled, 'Your face is exposed to the world on a daily basis therefore you have no right of privacy.'

It is important to recognize the STAGES OF STRESS in yourself and co-workers.

Every corporation should have them posted in the break room. People don't show up at a post office or high school and start killing their peers without warning signs. You don't know what will be that last straw.

Most people can change from first and second stage stress on a daily basis. Their body is telling them something is wrong when they are no longer able to deal with stress. When a person experiences mental stress, we also see a corresponding physiological response in their eyes.

With even a mildly stressful feeling or thought, our eyes will react to indicate our true mental state. Stress hormones enter the blood stream while the eyes and skin show it first. Rest, sleep, ad lots of water as soon as possible are the solution.

When there is white all around their iris, the colored part of the eye, we call it 'Dear in the Headlights'. That person is ready to be violent."

Lin Klaassen offers complete How to Read Faces Guides for Poker Players, Dating, Sales, Acing the Interview and more.