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Face painting kit series: the gun case, part 2

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As face painters have continued to look for ways to make their set up and break down times quicker and more efficient, one of the natural solutions is to find a large, flat case which can hold almost everything they will need for any gig. Of the pre-made options which are the right size and shape, gun cases have become the choices of many face painters. This month's continuing face painting kit series features Tanya Alexander, a Cloverdale, California face painter and her beautifully customized gun case.

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Q: What aspects of your gun case kit do you like best?

Tanya: There are two things. First, I am set up and ready to paint in under two minutes. No joke, I timed myself. I can set up the table, the chair, and my kit in under two minutes flat, and that includes popping one of my water cups open and filling it. The second thing I love about it is that it gets noticed. I mean noticed. People ooh and ahh when they see all of the cakes and the brushes, so tidy and clean and ready to go. Even dads think it's pretty sweet, since it is a converted gun case.

Q: What would you change about your kit if you could?

Tanya: The case itself is lightweight, but I've heard that due to the nature of aluminum, the handles and latches can break down over time. To avoid that, I strap it to a cart and roll it, instead of handle transporting. If I was going to change something, it would be for it to fit a little easier into my Miata. I can make it work, even with the top up, but it's a squeeze.

Q: What are the advantages or disadvantages for smaller events which have approximately 10-25 children?

Tanya: For small events, if there's a space issue, a gun case setup might prove a little large. Since I don't necessarily need every cake and brush in my arsenal for a small event, I sourced a small aluminum tool case, which I can load and go from my studio. It holds a ton of stuff, is very light and portable, but isn't as quick a set up or tear down since I have to take things out and organize them, and I do not have to do that at all with my big kit. For larger events, having everything I need to move quickly and stay clean and organized is huge. The big kit is fantastic for what I do most of the time.

One of the biggest advantages of the gun case kit is that, like the Craft-n-Go, it's a fast set up and break down. It's organized look is also a tremendous advantage for the face painter for whom a professional image is important. To find out more about Face Painting by Tanya, visit her website and enjoy the many images of her work. To learn more about the process she used to convert her gun case into the ultimate face painting work station, check out her post on the Face Paint Forum, where she gives more details about the materials she used to customize her case.