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'Face Off:' The night was about gangsters

Hos of Face Off, McKenzie Westmore
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Last night on “Face Off” the top 14 artists were given the details for their first Spotlight Challenge. This consisted of creating an over the top gangster-make up that would incorporate an item that became the nickname of a real life mobster, and they were to create this in teams of two.

The first team Gwen & Drew chose the shark, Rachael & Vince picked the typewriter, Doc & Stella opted for the needles, Barry & Sasha decided on the clock, George & Cig went for the tuna, Dina & Jason felt the peanuts was their thing, and Keaghlan & Damien went for the truck. They all quickly developed a concept and went for it, Barry & Sasha were however lost, due to Barry’s idea of the rat, their item was a clock, so what does the rat have to do with it? And once Mr. Westmore arrived for the critique, he pointed out just that, where did the clock fit in all of these? Apparently Barry got confused between over the top and not applicable at all. George & Cig created a monster of a man with huge belly, who clubbers his victims with a dead tuna. Rachael & Vince created an intimidating character who beats his foes with brass knuckles that resemble the keys on a typewriter and inscribes the names of his victims on his bald head, Dina & Jason however, were lost somewhere between conception and application.

The judgment as usual involved praise for some, and harsh criticism for others, George & Cig were given high marks for their creation with so many details that made the final product memorable, Doc & Stella were also praised for their needle man, and along with Rachael & Vince were at the top this week. But ultimately it was George and Cig’s make up the most fascinating and Cig with his body suit that elevated the finish product made him the winner this week.

And those at the bottom were Dina & Jason and Barry & Sasha, the former just tried too much and created something that was not cohesive or believable, the latter just the missed the mark completely and other than Sasha who created the time bomb prop with a clock, the rest of the make up had nothing to do with what the challenge called for, and Barry was therefore sent home since he confused a clock for a rat. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on SYFY.

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