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'Face Off': The final 3 are revealed

McKenzie Westmore host on Face Off
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Last night on “Face Off”, part 2 of the challenge that started last week and decide the final 3 for the season finale; was played out. The make up artists were to create a werewolf inspired by not only the setting revealed last week, but also with a special ability to combat their arch-nemesis; the vampire. The artists knew that this would be it; no more saves were in store and only 3 slots for the grand finale, thus they jumped on the task at hand with fervor and creativity.

Tyler who was at the bottom last week, knew well that he needed to redeem himself for a lackluster makeup, Niko as well needed to present a make up that would amaze the judges. Rashaad and George who had been at the top last week, although not expected to rest on their laurels, just needed to complete their werewolves with originality and compliment their counterparts.

Then it was time for the Reveal Stage, and Tyler was praised on a magnificent creation with a superb paint job, Niko was praised for originality, but his creation did not conjure images of a werewolf, George’s werewolf was scary and the paint job exquisite such that it earned him the win and obviously a place in the finale, and Rashaad’s creation wasn’t anything like the vampire he created last week, however, his originality was impressive. Tyler was next to be announced as the second artist for the finale, and then Rashaad took the third and final slot.

The finale next week promise to be one of best in these original series where artistry and creativity leaves viewers speechless week after week, and instructs the laymen on the occult side of cultures, and on the production of such creations that viewers take for granted in movies and television shows.

“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on SYFY.

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