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Face Off: season 7, episode 6 - Wizard of Wonderland

FaCe Off: season 7, episode 6 - Wizard of Wonderland-slide0

Last night's episode takes place in Sony Pictures Studios' back lot, featuring a giant rainbow and a crazy tea party. The team challenge involves a twist on the Wizard of Oz: they must reimagine a character from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz as if they've fallen down the rabbit hole into Alice in Wonderland.

  • George/Drew (Wicked Witch of the West): Flying in a tornado on her broomstick but ends up in Wonderland by being blown off course. She has a spiraled hairstyle that reflects the tornado.
  • Dina/Stella (Winged Monkey): The Jester of the Queen of Heart's Court.
  • Cig/Damien (Scarecrow): A beaten-up scarecrow with bright polka dot and striped patchwork.
  • Rachael/Keaghlan (Tin Woodman): The tin woodman is the Queen of Heart's executioner who in refusing to his duties realizes he has a heart after all.
  • Jason/Sasha (Cowardly Lion): A lion soldier in the Queen of Heart's army who has been tortured for not doing his job (this sounds familiar...). The biggest shame is that Sasha is very talented, but her inability to assert herself means that she does very poorly in teams.

At this stage in the series, most of the make-ups are pretty good. Really the weakest was the Cowardly Lion, which Jason led right off the rails while Sasha moaned to the camera but not to her partner. Incidentally, the final Cowardly Lion makeup has the same hair color and skin color as Jason himself!


  • George/Drew

Bottom Looks

  • Cig/Damien
  • Jason/Sasha

Top Looks

  • Rachael/Keaghlan
  • Dina/Stella


  • Dina

Going Home

  • Jason
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