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Face Off: season 7, episode 5 - Animal Attraction

Face Off: season 7, episode 5 - Animal Attraction-slide0

Face Off: season 7, episode 5 - Animal Attraction

Face Off: season 7, episode 5

The contestants meet at the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles, home to 70 exotic species of rescued and zoo-born wild animals. The makeup artists have to pick two different animals from the Center and mash them up to make their own hybrid species.

The biggest challenge in this episode is fun fur, which the judges hate, and feathers, which are difficult to color and paint. The contestants don't so much succeed as cover up their flaws as best they can. Although there were some good makeups, none of them knocked it out of the park. The paint jobs and sculpts that went wrong, on the other hand, went really awry. Perhaps recognizing this, the judges were curiously lenient -- forgiving an incomplete sculpt and emphasizing a contestant's confidence (shocking coming from "this is an incomplete makeup" from Glenn).


  • George (alligator/armadillo): Allidillo.
  • Jason (red tail hawk/fennec fox):
  • Rachael (fennec fox/coatimundi)
  • Dina (prairie dog/fox): A miner.
  • Drew (red fox/squirrel monkey): A perfect beast that has the quick hands of a monkey and the sly cleverness of a fox.

Top Looks

  • Sasha (bobcat/owl): A witch character that wanted the nine lives of a cat and the flight of an owl.
  • Cig (armadillo/alligator): Armagator supersoldier who uses the armor of the armadillo and the ferocity of the alligator.

Bottom Looks

  • Doc (bald eagle/squirrel monkey): A flying monkey.
  • Keaghlan (Eurasian lynx/kinkajou): An experimental animal from a bioengineering lab.


  • Damien (coatimundi/owl)

Going Home

  • Stella (serval wildcat/kinkajou): Two creatures that became scavengers together and evolved, taking on attributes of both creatures.
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