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Face Off: season 7, episode 4 - Twisted Trees

Face Off: season 7, episode 4 - Twisted Trees-slide0

Tonight's episode features the remaining 12 contestants in a superhero foundation challenge. They each create a superhero costume. Some of the superheroes include:

Face Off: season 7, episode 4 - Twisted Trees
  • Deadly Diamond, who wears diamond-themed
  • Paul Fincher, superhero by day, bird guy at night
  • An alien assassin who comes to earth and falls in love with earthlings
  • Intensitron: Part man, part machine, all intensity
  • Camo-Lord, who can change his skin to any color or texture

The finalists included Vince, but Rachael won the challenge and immunity. The spotlight challenge is to create a twisted tree creature. This time the teams picked each other. Additionally, each tree suffers a malady.

  • Doc/Jason (Bristlecone Pine struck by lightning): Guardian of the desert who gets struck by lightning when he doesn't do the job right.
  • Sasha/Stella (White Birch Tree suffering from burls): A sacred Native American tree that is sad that the white man scared all his people away. He has eyes all over his body as if he's watching.
  • Vince/Damien (Giant Sequoia suffering from rot): A zombie tree.
  • Dina/Rachel (Banyan infected with fungus): Mr. Westmore doesn't like their design so they go back to the drawing board.
  • George/Keaghlan (Silk Floss strangled by choking vines): An environmentalist perched atop a tree when it was chopped down, and she merged with it to become a warrior of the forest.
  • Cig/Drew (Weeping Willow infested with pests): An earth spirit that became infested with these bugs; people hear someone crying, and the bugs within her come out of her body to eat her victims.


  • George/Keaghlan
  • Dina/Rachael

Top Looks

  • Doc/Jason
  • Sasha/Stella

Bottom Looks

  • Cig/Drew
  • Vince/Damien


  • Jason

Going Home

  • Vince
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