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Face Off: season 7, episode 3 - Ancient Aliens

Face Off: season 7, episode 3 - Ancient Aliens-slide0

We're down to 13 contestants as the overcrowded playing field continues to be culled. They meet at the Walter Pyramid at California State University Longbeach. Then we get the obligatory "aliens must have made ancient structures" line. The teams are responsible for creating ancient aliens who built their chosen site. Fortunately these theories are considered sci-fi, as opposed to the implication (often by white "scholars") that "primitive" cultures couldn't possibly have built them. For kicks, I've included links to the various gonzo theories about these sites.

  • Giza Necropolis, Egypt
    • Damien: A dying race who decide to pass on their information to the Egyptians so that their way of life doesn't die with them.
    • Keaghlan: The princess of an alien royal family with a feline aesthetic.
  • Easter Island, South Pacific
    • Doc: A fish-type alien.
    • Vince: Aliens that resemble the look of an Eastern Island statue.
  • Stonehenge, England
    • Rachael: An aquatic alien who convinces the locals to build her a magic temple.
    • Gwen: Predator-like alien that looks more barbaric (and...has nothing to do with Stonehenge).
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
    • George: A telepathic race of aliens that communicate through frequencies with a long beak.
    • Jason: A headpiece like the sun representing sunlight.
  • Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico
    • Drew: One of the Aztec gods associated with the pyramid of the sun, a snake-like god with feathers, Quetzalcoatl
    • Dina: A sun god who carries a mind-control device on her head.
  • Peruvudaiyar Kovil Temple, India
    • Stella: Lord Shiva's mate with an open third eye, turning the ancients to stone as a warning to never Lord Shiva to never again mate with the natives.
    • Sasha: Blending Indian culture into the alien
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    • Cig: A blue exo-suit with two extra arms inspired by Vishnu.

And here's how they netted out:


  • Vince
  • Rachael
  • George
  • Jason
  • Drew
  • Dina
  • Cig


  • Sasha
  • Keaghlan

Bottom Looks

  • Doc
  • Damien


  • Stella

Going Home

  • Gwen

Sadly, Gwen's inability to overcome the issues with her sculpt and the not-so-great Predator-rip-off backfired on her.

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