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Face Off: season 7, episode 2 - American Gangster

Face Off: season 7, episode 2-slide0

This episode begins in Universal Studios' New York Street, home to one of the most historic back lots in the film industry, including "The Sting" and "Dick Tracy." The contestants, working in teams of two, will create their own make-ups inspired by an actual gangster.

  • Gwen & Drew (shark): Michelle "The Shark" Sindona (and Sharknado 2) -- a shark-headed guy carrying a harpoon
  • Rachael & Vince (typewriter): Charles "The Typewritter" Nicoletti -- big brute boxer with typewriter brass knuckles and the name of his victims carved in his head
  • Doc & Stella (needles): Leonard "Needles" Gianola -- porcupine hair with needles in his fingers
  • Barry & Sasha (clock): Allie "Tick Tock" Tannenbaum -- two conflicting ideas, uh oh. They end on the rat
  • George & Cig (tuna): Tony "Big Tuna" Accardo -- a big fat fish-like guy who kills people with a giant tuna as a bat
  • Dina & Jason (peanuts): John "Peantus" Tronolone -- a peanut-racked heads filled with jewels
  • Keaghlan & Damien (truck): Opal "Mack Truck" Long -- a half gangster/half-truck hybrid

And here's how they netted out:


  • Gwen & Drew
  • Keaghlan & Damien

Top Looks

  • Doc & Stella
  • Rachel & Vince

Bottom Looks

  • Dina & Jason


  • Cig & George - Cig is the winner

Going Home

  • Sasha & Barry - Barry goes home

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