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Face Off: season 7, episode 1 - Life and Death

Face Off: season 7, episode 1-slide0

Face Off kicks off with no less than sixteen contestants and a new judge Oscar winner Lois Burwell. The first episode starts with a twist: it's an elimination challenge to begin with, with two of the sixteen contestants to be eliminated. Fittingly, the contest is a makeup challenge about life and death. Also, the contestants (men and women alike) seem to have gotten the message that being visually different matters a lot -- we have a kaleidoscope of colorful hairstyles, including green, pink, red, and blue.

  • Damien (death): His model was murdered. A horror hobbyist, he doesn't stand a chance -- the judges have never liked horror-only makeup artists.
  • Keaghlan (life): The impossible-to-ignore blue-haired Keaghlan makes an ethereal goddess-like character.
  • Scott (life): Scott stumbles right from the beginning, literally -- he represents the older set, a hobbyist who likes horror working on an intergalactic savior.
  • Drew (death): A foot soldier from the underworld who deals death on the living through disease and pestilence.
  • Cig (life): He makes his character THE LIFE WARRIOR! *guitar riff* He's quirky.
  • Barry (Life): An elven pirate that travels the seas healing people (must be a D&D gamer). He's also a technician who happens to e a dad.
  • George (life): A cyborg who lives forever. A FX vet.
  • Doc (death): Green-haired doc makes a bite wound on the model's neck. Another FX vet.
  • Gabby (death): In the flash through Gabby's art was a clear drow queen shot so she gets my vote! Unfortunately it looks likely she's not going to make it as she cuts up her prosthetic -- a creature that embodies those self-defeating thoughts that everybody has.
  • Sasha (death): Haunts the graveyard where she was killed by a bunch of crows.
  • Dina (life): A forest nymph. Also, Dina is a cake decorator!
  • Vince (death): Harbinger of death. A returning SF vet.
  • Stella (life): A fertility goddess for animals.
  • Rachael (life): A sea goddess. Rachael has purple hair!
  • Jason (death): A medieval peasant that's been rotting in the sewers. A self-taught amateur who also happens to run a busy kitchen in Atlanta.
  • Gwen (death): She creates the personification of death as he moves through time. One of the few non-white people on the show.

Then Robert Englund of Freddy Kreuger fame shows up and announces a new prop that has to be incorporated into the makeup. Then Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, and Neville Page.


  • Cig
  • Rachel
  • Stella
  • Damien
  • George
  • Drew
  • Barry
  • Doc

Top Looks

  • Kaeghlan
  • Sasha
  • Dina
  • Jason

Bottom Looks

  • Jason
  • Gwen

Going Home

  • Scott
  • Gabby


  • Dina

The judges just decide to toss Scott off the cliff in mid-judging. They didn't consider him competitive enough to be even in the running on the show, which is a shame as Scott represented age diversity as someone getting into a new profession. Gabby, another older contestant, went over the cliff with Scott. Too bad.

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