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Face Off: season 6, episode 7 - Open Sesame

Just three women remain in tonight's episode. After journeying to the famous Hollywood Magic Castle. To get in you have to say the secret password, "Open Sesame" of course. The Spotlight Challenge is to choose a wand and use it to inspire an original wizard design.


  • Rashaad (Blue Wand): A blue rod with twigs around it inspires a spiky and sharp horned wizard.
  • Daran (Chicken's Foot holding an Eyeball): A witch who has no sight of her own, using the wand to see everything.
  • Graham (Voodoo Skull Wand): Emaciated old man voodoo lord.

Bottom Looks

  • Chloe (Crystal Wand): The filigree is a binding spell that was cast on this sorceress.
  • Niko (Futuristic Wand): A wizard who wanted to have an assistant so he created a robot, but the robot killed the wizard and took the power of the wand.

Top Looks

  • Corrine (Tribal Wand): Incorporates the feathers into a witch doctor/shaman who wears furs.
  • Tyler (Wood Wand): A natural wizard made up of tree bark, pieces of wood, and a protector of the deep forest.


  • George (Steampunk Wand): All the aspects will be integrated into the cowl, back, and arms -- a mechanical wizard.

Going Home

  • Cat (Swan Wand): A woman wizard who is becoming one with the forest who has all these vines and plants growing from her skin.

It's surprising that the judges sent Cat home. While her makeup wasn't great, Niko's was positively catastrophic.

McKenzie then comes back in for the big reveal -- no, not to rescue someone wrongfully voted off by the judges (remember, that's still a possibility) but to instead share that the contestants will be going to Japan in next week's episode!

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