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Face Off: Season 6, Episode 4 - Guitar Gods

Face Off
Face Off
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight's episode begins with the artists facing models and motorcycles in the studio. Today's Foundation Challenge is inspired by motorcycles and judged by Patrick Tatapolous, returning to Face Off after a long absence.

  • Daran: Female road warrior in a post-apocalyptic society.
  • Tess: Yellow vespa-looking bike, graphic-looking bumblebee fairy.
  • Tanner: Fluorescent green bike; alien-esque sexy badass biker
  • Corinne: Vintage road bike; a demonic rider
  • Tyler: a giant train; crazy conductor who lures passengers on and takes them to a crazy place

Tanner and Daran are finalists, but Patrick ultimately chooses Daran.

The Spotlight Challenge revolves around electric guitars. Teams of two make an extreme rock star character who merges with his guitar.


  • Cat/Niko: A punk rock kid who makes a deal with the devil and the devil turns him into a rock god.
  • Graham/Corinne: Trippy hippy who is jamming out on the guitar also becomes one with it, distorting his features

Top Looks

  • Rashaad/Tyler: A demon rock star incorporating the crackle texture of the guitar into his face
  • George/Daran: A heavy metal goddess whose face is part of the neck of the guitar

Bottom Looks

  • Tess/Matt: A rocker billy goat
  • Tanner/Chloe: Red and black queen of shredding


  • Daran

Going Home

  • Tess

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