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Face Off: Season 6, Episode 3 - Dragon's Breath

This evening's latest installment of Face Off begins with 13 artists remaining. They travel to an iconic Malibu beach location, Point Dume, which was used as the backdrop for Tony Stark's seaside mansion in "Iron Man 3" and the final scene in "Planet of the Apes." But this challenge is all about the world of fantasy, in which dragons take the spotlight. Face Off decides to embrace the Dungeons & Dragons approach to dragons and, taking the shields as a cue, asks the artists to create the dragon that damaged the shield. Categorizing these dragons by breath weapon, here's how they would net out in Dungeons & Dragons:


  • Chloe (Sandblasted): A sea-horse dragon. Because sea-horses are what everyone thinks of when they think sandblasted.
  • Cat (Frozen): A beautiful silhouette.
  • Graham (Slimed): A lizard that vomits slime. Not filling us with confidence Graham...
  • Matt (Tarred): A middle eastern/Persian-looking dragon.
  • Corrine (Corroded): A treasure-hoarder who can spit acid to protect her treasure. She's using greens and purples, in line with the typical green dragon.
  • Daran (Corroded): He spits acid out of his face. Not hearing a high concept with this one either.
  • Tanner (Charred): A dragon with huge, massive wings.


  • Rashad (Tarred): An armored, chained dragon.
  • George (Charred): A knight who was messing around with the wizard's wife and the wizard turned him into a fire dragon.


  • Niko (Quilled): A dragon slave who broke loose and is looking for his owner.
  • Tess (Quilled): An archer who uses her own quills and feathers to create her arrows.


  • Tyler (Frozen): A bird-like creature with ice as part of its bone structure.


  • Daniel (Slimed): A female that is banished from the castle, waiting for her husband dragon to return. Not getting the slime part...

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