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Face Off: Season 6, Episode 2 - Cosmic Conspiracy

Yesterday's episode started with a discussion about how Margaret was voted off the show in the last episode. Although George mourns her loss, no mention is made that she's his business partner at Pandora FX. With that trip down not-so-honest memory lane aside, the team is brought to a field of corn where they open briefcases and are tasked with creating an alien creature that made a picture of a crop circle enclosed in a top secret briefing document. And the results are:


  • Chloe/Graham: "GRAVITY CHANGING" - The alien's features are stretched out.
  • Tess/Daniel: "OVERCOME WITH DISEASE" - A team of aliens have crash-landed on a planet and the fungus on our planet takes them over.
  • Rashaad/Tyler: "GLOBAL FAMINE" - They create the toaders, gluttons that send out a false message to other planets that they're hungry and need food, but it's actually a trap to take over.


  • George/Bethany: "POLLUTED TOXIC ENVIRONMENT" - a gatherer who goes out into the wastelands and brings things back to her people.
  • Cat/Matt: "OUR SUN IS DYING" - goggles, tribal tendencies, and...they don't agree on what it should be. Oh wait they came up expanding sun with a tribal African creature with really big ears that cools them off.


  • Daran/Tanner: "ICE CAPS MELTING" - Aliens that eat through their fingers, which means a flood can starve them.
  • Niko/Corinne: "WE NEED WATER" - An alien from a dry planet.


  • Corinne: "We felt that you were the driving force behind a very successful alien character."


  • Bethany: "Our biggest issue with your makeup unfortunately was the sculpture of the face."

Matt should have gone home, but it seems Bethany took the fall for George's torn cowl. We'll see if George can hang tough in the next episode.

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