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Face Off: season 6, episode 13 - Bloodsuckers

Face Off
Face Off

Tonight's episode features the final four: Rashaad, Niko, Tyler, and George. The contestants meet with Patrick Tatopoulos in the Angeles Abbey Mausoleum, a structure inspired by the Taj Mahal. The Spotlight Challenge features four coffins each identified with a unique vampire. They're supposed to add an EXTREME feature to the vampire to make it different from folklore.

At one point there's an entire paragraph of dialogue from Tyler where it sounds like the editors spliced together about six different sound bites into a few sentences. Not sure what happened, but Tyler certainly didn't sound natural!

Len Wiseman, who create the Underworld franchise, features as a guest host.

Bottom Looks

  • Tyler (Sasabonsam): A vampire legend from Ghana that lives in the forest, has horns, iron teeth, bat-like, with 20-foot wings. It also has shot, stubby arms. EXTREME?! Tyler adds fangs at the tips of the wings.
  • George (Yara-ma-yha-who): Aboriginals of Australia that has no teeth but uses its fingers, with a big head, red mouth, and lots of hair. EXTREME?! Stingers from its back that grab the victim.
  • Niko (Aswang): A vampire from Phillippino folklore, who by the day is an attractive woman and by night has a large blood-sucking tongue. EXTREME?! The best Niko can come up with is a vampire that breathes underwater.


  • Rashaad (Jiang Shi): A fungus plant that has taken over a body, which uses vines from its palms to suck chi. EXTREME?! A Venus flytrap-like mouth in its chest.

In a supposed twist, NOBODY is sent home. This is likely because Rashaad has no competition -- Tyler is Rashaad's only serious rival. So instead of eliminating the weaker contestants, Face Off ends up pushing all four to the finale. This is particularly grating given the waste use of a "get out of jail" opportunity by the judges on Graham, who didn't make it to the finale. The twist is that it's a two-part challenge.

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