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Face Off: season 6, episode 12 - Industrial Revolution

Face Off
Face Off

Tonight's episode begins with the final five make their way to Union Station. Known as the last of the great railway stations, this historic transportation hub continues to serve over 60,000 passengers a day. It's also the site of popular movie franchises like "Drag Me to Hell", "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Blade Runner." All the ticket takers have been replaced with technology, so the Spotlight Challenge is to take a prop of a traditional profession and create a robot that performs a similar task.


  • Niko (construction worker): A first generation machine who can still do the work. At one point, Niko manages to glue his robot's joints together, and it takes Rashaad to point out his error.

Top Looks

  • Tyler (surgeon): A surgical robot who has little arms coming out on both sides with a human-looking face.
  • George (hair dresser): A female, stylish, cool, elegant and modern-looking robot with two blowers coming out of her breasts. Each hand will have a stylist's tools. Fortunately Mr. Westmore dissuades him of the original concept and convinces George to change the chest piece to a single blow dryer.


  • Rashaad (firefighter): Very big robot, capable of saving the day, who can put out a fire by himself. Rashaad's eagle flourish makes me think he's a Warhammer 40K player.

Going Home

  • Daran (photographer): The head is a camera, with a huge light on the front of the chest. It looks pretty awful.

In the end it seems like Daran just gave up. "Robots are not my bag," he said over and over.

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