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Face off Russia, Ukraine

A child plays near Russian soldiers as they guard the gate of a Ukrainian infantry base in Perevalne
A child plays near Russian soldiers as they guard the gate of a Ukrainian infantry base in

Face off Russia, Ukraine
Putin’s limited refusal at present to advance military further into the Ukraine does suggest second thoughts on his behalf and does offer a diplomatic opportunity in the interim to resolve the matter.
What started as demonstration on the streets in the Ukraine by its sovereign citizens to determine their own course of evolutionary markets and freedoms quickly became immersed in blood by their former Presidents allegiance to Russia. In a striking move by Ukraine’s parliament President Viktor Yanukovich was ultimately removed from power and upon his removal the streets grew quite as it became clear to the citizens of the Ukraine that their government had stood with the people and had not failed them!
Yet unbeknown to Ukraine’s citizens and the world while the winter Olympics in Russia were coming to their close another man was contemplating the fate of the Ukraine, his name as history will forever note as recent events spiral back to time reminiscent of Hitters invasion of Poland is Vladimir Putin. For the words Vladimir Putin has chosen to accomplish his deed is eerily similar to that of Adolf Hitler where he refers to the Ukraine’s Parliament’s decision as an “unconstitutional takeover” and” to protect its Russian citizens in the Ukraine”. His words nor his deeds by provoking a military intervention do not suggest it is the people of the Ukraine he wishes to protect, but his words are less cleverly designed to mask his true intent, control over the region. It is one thing to offer assistance to a fellow countryman in a foreign country it is another to invade a sovereign land. But for Putin timing is perceived as everything, provided there is little or no objection.
Presently Putin sees the West as weak, struggling with difficult economies, a President in the White House who placed a red line in the sand time and time again and when crossed there were no consequences. As a result in part Putin now believes the time is right to reunite Russia as it once stood prior to collapse of the Cold War and he is now holding a loaded gun so that his will can be done. Yet Putin fails to see his own failures in his recent actions, once considered as a man who marketed himself as a super star as a rugged out doorman, shrewd politician, now has reaffirmed to the worlds their constant concerns he cannot be trusted. A military engagement into the Ukraine will ultimately weaken Russia’s financial position in world trade markets contrary to his statement where he has threatened to crash the U.S. economy in the event America intervenes. Putin believes by reducing Russia’s dependency on US trade it would create the collapse of the US economy, this would take years for Russia to become independent of US trade, not minutes or days and in the interim the US will be given time to develop new markets. Nevertheless Putin statement should be a warning bell for companies doing business in or with Russia. As a results of recent actions and statements by Putin world investors are now moving their investments into what they believe are safer markets, treasury bonds here in the U.S. or European countries. What is interesting note about the movement of investor’s monies is they are not investing into Russia and the repercussions of this whether there is a war or not have the potential of being adverse to Russia’s long term investments. Investments Russia relies on to develop their country further, for investors do not under any circumstances like uncertainty in politicians or political uncertainty that may devalue their investment.

However, failure to Putin is unacceptable at present, unless a better offer or a more restrictive offer comes along. In this century unlike others in the past it takes a great leader to build an economically powerful nation and if Putin uses direct military action he will leave undone for Russia the true dream he had envisioned for Russia forever, to build a true economic super power. What he, Putin fails to see is as the Ukraine presently stands he as well as Russia have more to gain economically from an independent trading partner tied to the West as well as the East, the perfect independent go between hub. The Ukraine is perfectly posed to act as a bridge independently and becoming one of the wealthiest trading hubs in the world, wealth that is easily transferred through trade between nations. Putin needs to look at the Ukraine diplomatically from a business perspective and by doing so he has everything to gain! Russia remains independent of the Ukraine, using fewer resources to maintain the Ukraine, enters into a political business dialogue beneficial to the West and the East to develop markets further. The reality is it always comes down to money or more specifically how much will one person or country gain, it just a matter of how well the argument is stated.The reality is it has every opportunity of becoming another cold war or a political debauchery.

Finally, in Russia it has been reported that those living there are opposed to Vladimir Putin action. They do not want see themselves as an aggressor, nor do they want recent events to spiral out of control, nevertheless all it takes in one person to fire the first round and who then will be to blame as everything spirals out of control.