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Face Off - Judges Compete

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In what is probably the most exciting Face Off in some time, last night the judges had a throw down! The winning judge gets a $5,000 donation to a charity of their choice: Glenn Hetrick is playing for North Shore Animal League, Ve Neill is playing for A Window Between Worlds, and Neville Page is playing for the Orangutan Foundation International. A select group of former contestants have been selected to work on their teams. The winning judge's team members reach receive $5,000 cash. This is gonna be good...

The team picks chess pieces as a starting point for each of the characters, creating living chess pieces that would be right at home in a fantasy film. One of the characters must be pure and pristine while the other is evil and twisted.

  • Glenn (a horse-headed champion Knight, an evil leperous King): Laura, Wayne
  • Neville (a dark alien Bishop, a Pawn): Miranda, Anthony
  • Ve (Evil Queen, a Rook that's one with his castle): Conor, Roy

Laura's bio indicates she is a fan of cosplay and role-paying games, making her even more awesome than I thought possible. One thing that's particularly telling is that none of the contestants have issues with their molds. Now it's entirely possible that they're using different mold material, but it seems more likely that there's definitely an art to molding, which puts Face Off contestants in a new light.

The judges are Lois Burwell and Michael Westmore. But in a twist they are only the tie-breakers -- every team member gets a vote, but can't vote for themselves. And the winner is...Team Neville!

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