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'Face Off:' Fascinating Transformations

McKenzie Westmore host on Face Off
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

A new season of greatness has began, “Face Off” premiered tonight and 15 new makeup artists arrive to face challenges that go beyond just about anyone’s wildest dreams, and yes, nightmares too. The Foundation Challenge was first and the artists were to pick from a wild group of wigs, one that they felt would compliment their own personal view on make up. George was the winner and with that came immunity and could not be eliminated.

Then it was time for the Spotlight Challenge and the makeup artists were divided into teams of 2 and George got to choose which team he would like to join. He joined Daran and Graham’s team. The teams were presented with 6 different beauties and each held a portrait of the Beast’s castle, and they would need to create a Beast that resembles his surroundings.

The top looks were Daran, Graham, and George and Rashaad and Chloe, this last team had the top design and from there Chloe was the winner of the challenge. That left Matt & Margaret and Tyler & Bethany in the bottom, both designs lacked that touch of creative genius one design was more like a kitten who was in a terrible accident with sticks and the other was just misshapen and disproportionate with no character whatsoever. And at the end of the night, Margaret was the first contestant to be eliminated.

“Face Off” runs on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on SYFY

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